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Kinduct Technologies is dedicated to making people better. Their products are developed to address the information challenges of organizations who work with patients, athletes and clients. They help organizations collect, organize, share and analyze data in one centralized platform, leading to informed decisions and powerful results.

Understanding The Client

Kinduct's primary audiences are Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Athletic trainers, Therapists and Sports Scientists - all working for pro or elite level teams. Kinduct is a leading software provider using intelligence to shape human performance; a reliable, trusted tool box that’s a ‘one stop shop’ for those that ‘want to make their people better’

Style & Approach

Kinduct is the software provider of choice for many world-leading professional and elite sport organizations.  They wanted their site to be dynamic and convey a sense of 'action'. The site features Big, Bold Typography, coupled with stylized action photography, iconography, and incorporates real world metrics and data points.