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Kinduct Platform

Kinduct’s software provides users with the tools and data to drive human performance and produce results. With over 50 professional sports teams, the platform had to be scalable, brandable, and a delight to use; Ensuring teams get the right data, the right tools, at the right time, from any device.

Understanding The Client

Kinduct has developed the world’s most advanced human performance software platform. Kinduct’s athlete management system aggregates data from hundreds of athletic tracking devices and gives organizations the data analysis tools to optimize human performance. Over 50 NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, and NCAA teams, 30,000 public safety members, and 25,000 personal trainers are using the Kinduct platform to ensure that athletes achieve peak performance and avoid injury.

Style & Approach

The Kinduct Performance product has been extremely successful thanks to the amount of features within the product, however, the user experience and visual design had a lot to be desired.  It was feature-rich, yet complicated to use, and difficult to navigate. I provided a complete platform overhaul involving User Experience, Visual Design, and a complete system styleguide for further feature development.

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